Renee – Pet Care Specialist

Renee enjoying some cuddle time with her two kitties.

Renee is a Midwest lady who has been around animals all her life. Originally from St. Louis, Renee’s family moved to Waterloo, IL in the seventies. For several years, Renee and her family lived in an old farm house with 4-5 acres and raised sheep, rabbits and pigeons.  She has also cared for dogs, cats, birds and hamsters. Her love of pets is what encouraged her to volunteer at the Helping Strays Shelter. While there, she helped walk dogs, played with the cats, cleaned the cat room, along with fostering dogs and helping with the photography of the adoptable dogs and cats for the shelter’s website. Renee’s pet care philosophy has always been that when you take a pet into your home, that is their forever home…and you are responsible for them always. This philosophy has inspired her throughout her pet parent life, giving love and shelter to several feral cats.

Renee works full time for Washington University, is an avid animal lover as well as an avid reader. Renee loves working for Kritter Kare and it shows in the excellent service she provides Kritter Kare’s clients. She enjoys the people and pets that she meets, caring for other’s pets and home and looks forward to being a part of the Kritter Kare Krew for a long time.