Private Pet Boarding For Dogs Only

Let your canine companion be our guest and stay in OUR home!

For those pets that would prefer 24-hour companionship, consider using our private boarding services. Your pup would come and stay in our home with our two pups and the rest of our pet-loving family. We ask that you supply the food your dog will eat, any toys, bedding, food/water bowls and a portable kennel. However, know that your pup will have daily access to our home just like if he/she were our animal companion! The service includes regular walks and plenty of playtime, inside and out. Again, we are all about staying on schedule, so your pup’s routine is closely monitored so that stress level remains low. We do require an initial meet & greet AT LEAST 14 days PRIOR to any booked sit. It is imperative that any pet that stays in our home be dog-friendly and child-friendly –NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Fees are priced per day for one dog and include feeding, playtime, exercise and some of the FREE services listed on our Pet Services page. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. PRIVATE BOARDING LOCATION IN ILLINOIS.

Pups that stay with us quickly feel at home.

Pups that stay with us quickly feel at home.

Private Pet Boarding (for Dogs only)

Full day (20-24 hours) – $29

Partial day (anything less than 20 hours)  – $21