Pet Photo Gallery

We Would Love to See Your Pet in Our Pet Photo Gallery!!

We love our clients…and they love us! Over the years we have cared for a variety of incredible pets that have left long lasting impressions on us. Our pet photo gallery showcases just some of these animal friends.The pet personalities are as numerous as the pets we spend time with – from the 3-month-old puppy that tackles us as soon as we walk through the door, to the older pet who needs extra attention because they aren’t feeling so well today, to the shy kitty that grows more confident each time the sitter sits just outside their favorite hiding place, to the frisky horse that wants her grain and then her freedom in the open pasture – and,..we love them all!

We hope you take some time to enjoy this collection of captured pet care moments. This photo page highlights just a few of the animal companions we can call our friends. Images like these we feel describe what we do best…make pets happy. We look forward to adding your animal family to our pet photo gallery!

(Click on any photo for a larger view…)