Joy – Pet Care Specialist

Joy and her furry family member, Rosie, stop during a walk to pose for a picture.

Joy has always been an animal lover. As a young child, she was constantly hounding her parents for pets. Over the years, growing up in O’Fallon, MO, Joy convinced her parents to buy rabbits, fish, cats, and eventually a sweet Cocker Spaniel named Josh. Joy loved teaching Josh new tricks like sit, stay, lay, roll over, and hide and seek! When she was young, she wanted to be a dog trainer.

As Joy became an adult, she continued to love animals, but was busy raising her son, working as a waitress, and going to college at Saint Louis University. Joy got a dose of her own medicine when her son began asking for pets! She has helped her son care for fish, a gerbil, and eventually a very special rescue pup named Rosie.

Currently, Joy lives with her husband and two sons in Webster Groves. She works as a clinical dietitian and enjoys spending time with her family, including her now 4-year old, Rosie. Joy loves and respects all animals so much that she has chosen to be vegetarian for 13 years and has been vegan for over 2 of those years.

Kritter Kare is a great opportunity for Joy to incorporate her love for animals into her life. For her, animals provide a therapeutic outlet from the craziness of life. She enjoys taking care of animals, but realizes that animals help her as much as she helps them. Joy is honored to be a part of Kritter Kare and looks forward to spending time with your animals!