Horse Sitting / Horse Care

Pet sitting for our barnyard friends is available too!

We fully understand the importance of keeping your horse in its normal routine. The service we provide is tailored to exactly what you’re wanting so you can be assured that your horse is being looked after when you are unavailable. It is important that we meet you and your horse before any sitting is carried out. There we learn about your horse’s needs and temperaments. This initial meeting is your opportunity to ask your horse sitter any questions you have about the service we provide and ensure you have everything you need before making your decision of whether to use our horse sitting service.

When offsite boarding isn't an option, pet sitting is the perfect solution!

When offsite boarding isn’t an option, pet sitting is the perfect solution!

Fees are priced per visit for one horse and includes feeding, fresh water, mucking, turnout and any of the FREE services listed on our Pet Services page. If you have more than one horse, other barnyard pets, and/or if you are a mixed pet family, please contact us for an estimate.

Horse Sitting / Horse Care

30 minutes – $20 per visit

45 minutes – $25 per visit